Gossip Girl season 5 episode 22: Review & Spoilers! Read on your own risk ;)

Hello,Upper East siders! Gossip Girl here.

LOL,jk it’s just me (much of a surprise,right).

Now,without a long prologue,I’ll shoot it stright – Gossip Girl season 5 episode 22 might just be the best one of the entire season (Oh well,the chances are the grande finale will be even better,but untill we get a peek of that – I’ll just go by saying that „Raiders Of The Lost Art” was officially my #1).

I’ll start by saying that every character had at least one memoriable,fun or deeply impressing line in this episode.   Come on,”A beautiful mind” refference? That’s just genious. Not to mention Blair and her decoding sistem…. Not going to lie,I was deeply impressed.

And talking about „Nate’s long term memory”… Yeah,to be honest with you,he doesn’t really seem to be thatbright,I’m sorry.

But talking about Nate, is it just me or I felt like they kind of  made fun of his character,through the episode? Oh well. I still love him anyway.

Now,Serena is a much more complicated thing here.

If we ignore her addiction of blogging (let’s be honest here,it’s the 21st century,EVERYONE is addicted of it! Including me,as you can see),pretending to be Gossip Girl – „But I’m different!” – was indeed a little weird,concidering she has always been the first one in line to take that b!tch down. 

Well,I can make a funny comparision here; I always thought that the people who sit on their laptops all day are weirdos or no-lifes as well,but that’s untill I got one myself and my whole mind just went craycray. That’s how it is with those modern addictions people,  that’s how it  is.

Let’s just fast forward to the part when something actually started to happen – so,Diana is India,Jack is (not?) Chuck’s father after all and Diana is certainly not his mother,Nate finally believes Lola about the whole Serena-is-GG thing and they get back together( untill the next big fight I believe),Dan is just… being Dan,I guess (I’ll come back to discussing him in shortly),
And oh yeah, let’s not forget the fact that Bart Bass is actually alive & breathing,much of a surprise here. 

Yes,that really  is how crazy Gossip Girl got last night.

So,Dan. I have this theory and I’m sure some of you guys will agree to it – Daniel just likes to be a looser his entire life,at least that’s how it seems,doesn’t it? 

I mean,turning down an offer of a lifetime (Not the first time he does that,I have to mention) just because of a girl (who *fingers crossed* will choose another guy *ahhem* Chuck *ahem* over him in the end anyway)… Alright,so don’t get me wrong,I understand the idea but it’s just… No. Just no.

Also,the final few minutes of the episode somehow just made me crack up.  That entire „I love you” – „alright cool,let’s go eat now” moment just seriously made me giggle. Well played,well played.

A sidenote here: I really LOVE (Yes,I understand this is an unpopular opinion but IN ANYWAY) Lola’s character,she’s slowly blossoming from that catering girl into a fine Upper East Sider
(Just hoping she suddenly doesn’t go completely nuts within the few episodes wich are left this season) wich is all amazing,not to mention her being with Nate… 

I love that couple (Is it Nola or Late?),and don’t you? So,they,sort of getting back on,just made me smile. Was really waiting for this to happen!

And if you noticed I did never mention Chuck before in this entire post,then it’s for a reason.

There’s no feelings to describe how AMAZING his character was,every second of this episode.

If I come to think of it,Ed Westwick truely is one amazing actor,honestly. To pull off his character through scheming,fake-mother drama,Blair being a part of Dair (at the moment anyway),.. And the final minute of 5×22 just put the cap on it. All my respect,Chuck (Ed) here was phenomenal.

However,there was no Ivy or Lily in this episode – I don’t know how I feel about that. Not that I wouldn’t like them but… Maybe it was good they weren’t a part of the story this time.

And the #NonJudgingBreakfastClub finally reuniting…  that should have been a Trending Topic on Twitter last night,seriously.

I guess,I’ll end this by saying – I’d give this episode a stright A without even thinking. It was brilliant,emotional,fun and all-in-all genious,what else can I say.

 If GG continues to go this way,I’m sure it can possibly even get the old viewers back (I’m refferring to the people who quit watching sometime in the middle of the season because the shipper wars or whatever,come on,you probably know what I mean)

So… Untill next Monday (Tuesday actually. Whatever!).


P.S. here I have gathered together some of the most memorable quotes from this episode – enjoy!

´This laptop is the only thing keeping me sane.” – Serena (Oh,how I understand you,gurrrrl.)

Well,unless you wanna watch „A Beautiful mind’’ again,we’re gonna need to hire a professional. You know,someone from the military or even a serial killer. Takes a special level of crazy to go that far to hide your secrets.” –Nate (Come on,isn’t this just brilliant?)

Unfortunately,the entire clue trail hangs by the flimsiest of threats – Nate’s long term memory.” – Blair (Word in place,my friend.)

There was a brief period in the 3rd grade when I suspected my mother was reading my diary – mesures had to be taken.” – Blair (Gosh,I’ve missed the old Blair so much!)

OGB – Old Gangsta Blair (And I’m not even kiddin’).

4 Responses to “Gossip Girl season 5 episode 22: Review & Spoilers! Read on your own risk ;)”
  1. karawillow says:

    Agreed! I was so close to giving up on Gossip Girl because I felt the storylines were getting a bit weak but this episode was easily the best in a long time!

    • Exactly! To be honest,I was about to give up on it too,sometime after the episode Blair confessed to have “those” feelings for Dan after all,and then the show really got all lame and everything,but the past few episodes have been pretty good :) I hope it won’t go downhill from there!

      • karawillow says:

        Yeah, I’m still now sure how I feel about Blair and Dan. But their finales are always pretty good, so I hope it stays that way!

      • Haha,I can only agree! My favourite finale was probably the one in season 2, s03 was a bit hard to manage watching haha and season 4 just dissapointed me in general,so I didn’t really like the finale,either. Well,in any way,there’s only 2 more episodes left to wait and I’m officially excited,haha!

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