Girl & The City: Saturday afternoon in Jurmala

Hello there,you all!

As it’s saturday and I had no better plans (no any plans actually), I decided to take the train and get out of the city – and I ended up spending a lovely afternoon in Jurmala,the biggest resort city in Latvia.

Let me tell you a little bit about the city,if you’re not from my country: 

Jurmala – the largest resort city in the Baltic States  is well-known for its natural treasures – the mild climate, sea, healthy air, curative mud and mineral water. The attraction of Jurmala hides in its almost 26 km long white sand beach, large pine forests and the natural border of the city – the river Lielupe. In Jurmala You will discover a combination of charming wooden houses built in the beginning of the last century and modern resort buildings.

Honestly,I just copied that from Jurmala’s official website. Actually,from my opinion the place tends to get a little bit too boring when it’s not summer but when it is – and as if right now,we are counting that it already is summer there – it’s fun and interesting to stroll arround and enjoy the nice weather and everything.  Alright,I suck at writing this,I know I know. Let’s move on.

To be honest with you,I didn’t really do anything there,except for picturing arround with no apparent reason (other than posting these photos on there,haha!),drinking iced coffee latte and thinking,“Oh man,the weather really is nice up there.”

Here are some of the shots I took while walking arround – And yes this post is entirely pointless,and yes it’s hugely centered on myself, and yes,these photos are not super HQ,thankyouverymuch. Upff. So,here we go!

Check THIS out! I was lucky enough to snap this pic when the water was just about to fall down – looks FAB,don’t you think? :)

I don’t really know why did I take this picture,probably just thought it looked kind of cool. Anyone agrees?

My version of house hunting.

In fact,I found a few houses in New York which I thought were very appealing,so I think I am going to get one there sometime. When I’m 30. With a giant-major-super rich husband. Living in the Upper East Side. Oh well,that’s if I get extremely lucky one day.

Don’t worry,be happy – thank you Caffe Latte,you just made my day.

just chillin’,yeahyeah waddup woot woot ;) (This description was my miserable attempt to sound way cooler than I actually am. Oh weeeeell.)

Just a sidenote: This city is probably one of the coolest places to visit here in my good ol’ country.

Guys,if you’re ever here,first of all,I suggest to go there when it’s summer; OK,maybe this is not California and everything,but the beaches here are PHENOMENAL. So,yeah basically,in the summertime there are plenty of festivals,theatre plays and celebrations which take place in Jurmala,not to mention all other super cool stuff here (alright,I don’t know what else to say. I feel tired,my hair’s wet because I got into rain and I feel like I really need a cup of hot tea right now. Just wanted to make this post real quick to tell you guys a little more about myself! Is that selfish,by the way?)

In the very end,sorry for my crappy english,I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with me today. I think I need a hug.

Happy weekend,though!
Have YOU ever been to my country? Would you ever concider to go there?

Leave a comment down below and let me know!



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