Gossip Girl season 5 episode 23: Oh My Dair Chair Blair…. What!?

Calling out all Upper East Siders!

Yea,so I know the headline doesn’t really make much sense (Unless you’ve seen the bloopers from previous season where Ed goes all like “Chair” “Blair” “Hair” with a ridiculous english accent and everything. Then you probably know what I’m talking about! And yes,I really am such a low-life to quote a blooper scene. Moving on.) but this episode most certainly was pretty big. And indeed,it was the last one before the grande finale – but first things first,what exactly happened in “The Fugitives”,you ask?

So,here we go.

So,Bart is now definately back but hiding undercover because apparently,he has this good old business partner who wanted him dead those few years ago and still would,if he’d know Bart’s alive and breathing; Yeah,there’s not much I could comment on that.

From my opinion,the first scene with Blair & Serena was a complete WTF,  like “I’m furious about you not telling me you had GG’s site,it’s like you could’ve told me so we’d mess shit up together” it’s like,what?

I seriously thought that the moment Serena confesses to her about faking their worst enemy,Blair would get extremely mad at Serena or something – just like the fans are lately,by the way – but no,their whole conversation about that turned out to be a complete bs. Oh well.

Dan Dan Dan… I just can’t.   I have too many emotions,okay?!

Just look at that hair! It’s reedeehculous.

In fact,quite recently I saw an episode from season 2 on local television and almost cried a river in front of my TV about how   gorgeous   and   neat   his hair was back then and how some living creatures are probably residing in his mop already.  Why don’t you just cut it off a little,why!? That’s a mystery to me,for sure.

Anyways,well in this episode Dan was just being… well,he was being Dan,I don’t really have anything to say about him,to be honest with you. Other than about that haircut – I could talk about it for ages. Oh My God,no.

And yes,a sidenote here: I am very pro-Chair. Even though Dan’s not a bad person and everything,it’s just that Chuck and Blair,Blair and Chuck… do I even  need to explain it to you how adorable they are together? That’s what I thought.

Nate. Dude,what is wrong with you?  Alright,so he’s wanting to do the right thing,then messing stuff up for everyone,then still wanting to do what’s right,then in the end,not doing it after all?

Seriously,stop being such a drama queen.  You really need a decent storyline,man.

And I really wanted to see more Nola (as I found out on Tumblr,it’s Nola not Late after all! just FYI) in this episode,so it kind of upset me that they didn’t have any fluffy or cute scenes together. Well,there’s always the finale episode for that,right? So,fingers crossed we get to see some epic Nola stuff next week. If not,I’ll just go back to re-watching season 3 and fangirling about Serenate being together for more than two episodes. By the way,anyone still remembers that pairing? Yeah I know,they don’t really get along well lately.  Which brings me to Serena.

Come on. She seems so depressed it’s even hard to watch. With “she” I kind of mean Blake not her character – I mean, she’s just not that smiley actresss I love and admire anymore. I don’t know,maybe I’m just being a little bit too weird in here.

Alright,so Serena:

  • Helping out Blair = +1;
  • Telling Dan she’s actually with Chuck = 0,because he kind of deserved to know,though;
  • Her,being over-the-top… I don’t even know how to describe… friendly or lovey or in general weird with that italian professor dude (or whoever he was) = yikes,I didn’t really like that moment,so -1,everyone.
  • Being a good friend to Blair,though = +1.
  • Then again,in the very end with all that GG blast and everything = -2.

So,it’s still an over-all -1 for Serena in this episode. But that’s just me and my awkward thoughts.

(And I’m sorry,while writing this I was actually interrupted by a rough phone call,so I apologize for whatever nonsense either grammar messup I made,if you felt like there was some.)

Chuck,again,was brilliant. First few minutes I honestly felt like I wanted to just hug him very very tight.

And all that scheme with the private investigator-police-father-Blair was genious (Although,I didn’t really understand half of it. I’d probably have to re-watch those few scenes to get it… But it was still amazing anyways. Go Chuck!).

Just a shame that he and Blair didn’t really bond that much in this episode – not to worry my fellow Chairleaders,but one more episode left is kind’a small amount of time to get the Chair game on again. I’m JUST saying.

However,over all,this episode (at least for me) was a bit of… I don’t know,not dissapointment,just… wasn’t what I expected it to be,I guess.

Oh,that’s right,I didn’t mention Diana Payne in there – well,probably because in the end,I guess she just left and texted a “thank you” to Nate. Mhm. Although Liz Hurley is always stunning and awesome,in this episode I didn’t really like the whole Diana-Nate-Chuck thing.

And big YAY for Ivy (Kaylee DeFer) being back in town and as she says,”back in the gang”!

No Kelly and Matt this week – I guess,they’re just saving up lines for them to say in the final episode.

And by the way,was I the only one who noticed that everyone was on their phones like 3/4 of the episode?!  Do they get sponsored for that or something?

So,what did YOU guys think – Chuck’s daddy drama,Nate’s everything-drama,Serena and Blair’s GG blast drama, Dan’s Rome…  Oh forget it,Dan’s HAIR EPIC DRAMA – what did you think of all that?

Don’t be shy and leave a comment – let’s together spin up crazy theories for 5×24,shall we?

That’s it from me today,so take care!

XOXO,lol me ;)

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