No “New Girl”… Was last week’s episode the finale one!?

Hello guys and major confusion here – was last week’s episode of “NEW GIRL” the last one for this season?

Because I was just about to download it and then realised,there’s no link to the latest episode (which I thought was extremely awkward) and so,then – as a normal 21st century gal – went on Tumblr and saw posts like “Yay,so excited to see ‘NEW GIRL’ tonight”, so that means there was a new episode last night after all?

But then I went on IMDb and it somewhat says there’s 23 episodes in the season 1,and as I know,last week they aired episode 23th,called “Backslide”,so that means the show has now ended,at least this season… But then again,if this season indeed ended with last week’s episode,I have no clue why would they leave everything like that. Just doesn’t make sense to me AT ALL.

 Damn,why am I not from America!?

So,what do YOU think – would you be devastated if there’d be no new episodes for a while? Do you even watch this show?

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