A Weekend Of Theories: What to expect from Gossip Girl season 5 finale?! (INCLUDING SPOILERS)

The post is basically what the headline says – the following scenarios are just THEORIES,made from all of the trustable spoilers I could find + my own vivid imagination.

Now,here is what we already know:

  • Someone will “see” Gossip Girl.
  • Finale doesn’t take place in NYC.
  • Dan and Serena will NOT have sex!
  • Finale involves only two people,male + female (Obviously Blair + Chuck/Dan)
  • Georgina will be in this episode,as well
  • The finale will be a MAJOR turning point for Serena in Blair
  • Chuck’s ring is back (got that fact from the 5×24 promo)
  • Cobra Starship lead singer Gabe Saporta is guest-starring in this episode
  • Serena will have more than one love interest before the season ends
  • And finally,quoting a tweet by the lovely Michelle Trachtenberg: “In the season finale of #GG,I play Serena,Blake plays Blair,Ed plays Georgina,and Penn plays Eleonor.” (And DON’T ask me WTF does that mean!)

So,here we go.

It’s somehow incredibly hard for me to write this – probably because we’re getting closer and closer to the big reveal who exactly will Blair choose and it just in general stresses me out. But I’ve been thinking a lot about Gossip Girl for the past few days – and yes,I know it’s just a TV show and all,but this show has also became a significant part of my teenage years now – and made up quite a few theories about what could happen on monday night.

So,I’m going to shoot stright: According to trustable resources,everything will NOT be as it seems.  And yes, I’m talking about Dan and Serena’s supposed barstool sex,which kinda seems to be going on in that 30 second promo. (OH GOD,but if they somehow twist it all up and it’s not actually Dan but someone else having an intimate moment with S on that barstool… let’s just say,I’m HOPING it won’t be Nate,because y’know,they have a history with barstools and all ;)

And speaking about Nate: so,the synopsis says he wants to move in with Lola but as we can see in the Producers preview video,Billy Baldwin gets back into Lola’s life and I’m pretty sure,shakes everything up for those two. I’m not even sure what do I think will happen with Nola in the finale because obviously,all spoilers are hugely centered on Blair’s love triangle,but however,I just hope they will stay together and Lola won’t end up going back to her beloved Florida after all! Alright,let’s move on.


In a perfect world,CHAIR ends up together.

And why’s that:

Obviously,we’ve seen those BTS pictures of Ed and Leighton,smiling and laughting together at some casino (which is probably set to be overseas,in like Monacco or whatever) and we already know those pictures are from finale. So,they do have a giggly and cute scene together – which makes me think… There IS hope!

But knowing GG writers,they probably wouldn’t make everything that simple; If you haven’t noticed,they actually like to shake things up quite often and make loads of unexpected turns,so I seriously doubt they would let Chair have their happy ending just like that.

But we know that Chuck’s ring is back (the one which he almost died for in finale ep of season 3) and so,you don’t have to be super smart to understand that he might as well propose. Mhmm. That will seriously be a bummer if he doesn’t.

And what’s that entire thing with “Ed plays Georgina”? I assume it just means he’ll scheme like her. Or use her password/contacts or other crazy sh!t to get something. Or maybe… Well,I don’t know. Gosh,I haven’t seen the Goddamn episode,what do I even know! But then again,as I said before,these are just theories of mine. Let’s go on,shall we?

So,I’d be literally over the moon if Chuck and Blair would reunite. It’s like… CHAIR CHAIR CHAIRRR! Alright. I’ll try my best to hold on with my Chairleader thoughts and stay,uhhh,neutral or something. Oh boy,this is hard.

IF Chuck will hook up with Serena in the finale – asfjkljkljsdjkjlljkfjkl, if THAT pairing ever happens – the heads will roll. It’s like…. NO. Just no. In this case,I take my words back – she rather hooks up with Nate then than my dear Chuck. I’ve said my word.


The odds are,Blair and Dan stay together after all.


Honestly? As a Chair shipper,I can’t name you a single reason why should they end up together. But as a normal,entirely neutral person (Yeah,I don’t exactly fit in that category,do I?) there,truth to be told,are many reasons why Dair kinda makes a nice couple.

But are those reasons enough for them to be an endgame? You decide.

So,obviously we know Dan will stay loyal to Blair and NOT hook up with Serena;

We know that he was offered that internship (or whatever,let’s not get super into the details and everything) in Rome and has asked Blair to come with him. And… “Finale scene involved two people – female and male – and doesn’t take place in NY”. So it might as well be Rome. Oh shit… I think I’m even starting to make sense here!

And what’s with that “Penn plays Eleonore”? I completely have NO idea. Not even a crazy theory or anything… I just don’t have a clue.

So,basically I hate to break it down for you Chair shippers but Dan and Blair have more chances to end up together than Chuck and Blair.

While writing this post,it’s kind of becoming obvious to me that many spoilers could actually be related to DAIR not Chair.

AND the birchbox spoilers say that “Serena says her goodbyes to Dan”.… maybe that means she’ll finally realise they can’t be together and let’s him go for good? So,that kinda says alot,doesn’t it. Pfft.

And just theoretically,if those 3 words “I LOVE YOU” have become such a big thing in the last few episodes,I think Blair is FINALLY going to say them in the finale then.  But to who… Damn,in my guts I feel like it’s Dan Dan Dan all along. I should have never started writing this post!


Serena and Blair stay best friends forever after all.

Because honestly? Do you really expect them to go like “I hate you now,GTFO of my life forever”? Nope,I don’t think so. So,obviously they will make up in the end and that’s not big of a surprise for me. There’s not much I could say about this whole thing,sorry!

And yeah,well about everything else here:

First,from the promo it’s kind of obvious that Bart does something really f*#ked up and he & Chuck gets into a major fight there; But according to Birchbox spoilers,Bart also gives a “significant jewelry” to Chuck… WTF? Yeah,I don’t know either.

And Serena’s new love interests won’t actually be “new” but someone we already know? I have only one thing to say about this… Get your hands off of my Nate and Chuck! Grrrrr. No me gusta,amigos.

Although I’m pretty sure that the singer dude who’s scheduled to make a guest appearance will be Serena’s new boytoy or something. OR,the odds are,he’ll be related to Lola (or Ivy) in some magical way.  Either way,unfortunately it seems like we’ll have to wait untill monday to find that out.

In any way,

goodluck to both chair and dair shippers to suffer through,what I llike to call “the mental Tumblr breakdown”,wich will most likely occur right after the ep will end.
And to everyone else who’s not Chair or Dair but still ships something on this show (Serena,Derena,Blairena,and so on)… You know what they say -may the odds be forever in your favor ;)

So,if you’re reading this, there’s something I’d like to ask YOU:

  • Who do YOU ship – CHAIR or DAIR?
  • Who would YOU like to see as an endgame?
  • What do YOU think will happen in the season finale?
  • And what about “someone will “see” Gossip Girl” – what are YOUR thoughts?

Be sure to leave a comment below and tell me all of YOUR theories,possible scenarios and all other crazy thoughts you’re having – GG fans have to stick together,after all!

Or tweet us on Twittah – @TheSpoiledYouth !

XOXO…. And to be continued.

6 Responses to “A Weekend Of Theories: What to expect from Gossip Girl season 5 finale?! (INCLUDING SPOILERS)”
  1. Lena says:

    I like your theories. Here’s what I think. Chuck is going to lose Bass industries because Bart is gone.. The significant jewelry could be Chuck’s ring,since he gave away the ring, Bart could be the one that found it.. And I kinda think that Blair and Dan won’t end together, because I saw a spoiler and Blair confesses her love to Chuck, but Chuck’s the one that does not want to be with her anymore. He says something like ‘I don’t want to be Mr. Waldorf, I’m Chuck Bass’ ;)

  2. Lena says:

    I just realized I wrote Bart is gone. I mean, Bart is back.. And, one more thing, in the spoiler I saw, Bart told Chuck that he always puts Blair first.
    Anyway, Blair might end up alone, because she realized she loves Chuck, and he doesn’t want to be with her anymore, and it wouldn’t be fair to stay with Dan just because Chuck rejected her. But, who the hell knows?
    I can’t wait to see the last episodeeeeeeee!! ;)

    • I just saw those spoiler videos as well! Like a minute ago,so I totally get your point about Bart telling Chuck he puts Blair first. But then again,as you said it’d be kinda bitchy if she’d run to Dan right after Chuck rejects her telling him she loves him as well… I don’t know. In general,I think this episode will sort of be full of sh!t actually,haha so after I’ll download it tomorrow, I’ll probably be skipping to the very end at first and only then watch the whole thing :D Thanks for your comment!

      • Lena says:

        I am so obsessed, it’s totally weird. I can’t stop thinking about the episode, and I really really hope you’re wrong, lol. I need this episode to be epic, because I’ve been thinking about it a lot for the past few days!

      • haha,sometimes I even hope I’m wrong too,hahahaha! In any way,huh TELL ME ABOUT IT,I’m like so epically addicted that I’m starting to think it’s kind of weird actually. ever since last monday I’ve been basically on the edge about WTF is going to happen – or what’s NOT going to happen,haha! – so you’re not the only one who needs an epic finale,sistarrr!

  3. Lena says:

    I think that there will be no Chuck and Blair reunion in this episode, however I do think they will be endgame.. I’m Chair all the way, and I will be disappointed if they don’t end together. I mean, they are the only ones in the entire show that really love each other, all of the other relationships were kinda shallow.. In real life they probably wouldn’t have a happily ever after, but in real life there’s no Chuck Bass either, unfortunately…I really need to see this episode, so that I can stop trying to figure out what is going to happen!! I never thought I would get so obsessed with a show, omg I’m going crazy..
    Anyway, I’m really glad I found your blog,and sorry for all the comments, I feel like I’m getting a little boring. ;)

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