Final countdown – there is less than a day left till the Gossip Girl season 5 finale! YOU EXCITED?

Over the last few days,I feel like the Gossip Girl craziness has taken over my blog entirely.

But come on,it’s the grande finale tonight!!! You just have to excuse my over-the-top fangirl attitude,okay?!

However,THIS is your final chance to say what YOU have in mindwhat are your thoughts,expectations and secret wishes? And most important – which fandom do YOU stand by… Chair or Dair?

Besides – here obviously comes the most original question I could ask – who do you think is THE Gossip Girl,after all?

Oh and by the way – where do YOU think is that secret location the 2 people (male + female) will be at by the end of the episode?

Don’t be shy and leave a comment down this post it only takes a few seconds,doesn’t it!  – Because come on,we Gossipers have only one night left before our favourite show goes on a hiatus (Which I like to call the endless summer sadness)!

And if you read this AFTER the episode has aired – what are your feelings right now?

Don’t forget to tweet us @TheSpoiledYouth – ALL of the tweets we’ll receive will get featured in our NEXT GG related post!

You know you love me – XOXO….

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