ONCE UPON A TIME FINALE…. There’s no words to express my feelings!

Alright,I have to confess – this blog is slowly turning into a TV related one.

But what can I do if we’re having so many finales in such a short time?!

So,let’s talk about Once Upon A Time for a second.

First of all,I started watching it because: 

1) I had nothing better to do;

2) I had seen Ginnifer in a movie called “Something Borrowed” in which she was totally FABULOUS and everything,so once I realised she’s in this new ABC show,I just couldn’t stop myself from checking it out;


4) Yeah,well point one pretty much says it all,doesn’t it?

So,long story short,up untill episode 14,I found this show extremely boring.

You have to agree,there’s basically nothing happening untill the midst of the season!

However,by the time it got awesome,I was already hooked on it anyway.  Come on,fairytale characters vanished in our world? How awesome is that!?  While watching this show I always feel like a 8 year old girl again,back when everything was perfect and nothing hurt. Ahemmm,moving on.

And honestly,I haven’t even seen the finale episode yet,but I will,once I’ll get done writing this completely irrelevant post.

But for those people who have seen it or are planning to watch the episode sometime soon – what did you guys think of it/ what are you expecting to happen?

(This post is clearly not for the people who like to hang out on the Once Upon A Time tag on Tumblr. Then you probably already know all about the episode anyway. Eff you Tumblr,I should have never opened you today! Damn those modern addictions.)

Hit the comments and express yourself!

Are you going to be watching “Once” when it gets back from the hiatus in october?

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