Gossip Girl season 5 finale: Or as I call it – “WTF Just Happened”

Hello Upper East Siders,Gossip Girl here,you’re one and only… Oh,cut the crap,let’s get real here.

This finale was… There’s no words for it. It definately wasn’t even close to what I expected; What happened to those epically huge  GG finales we all love seeing?! Oh,uh-well. And to be honest with you,I don’t even know where to start.

Can I just say…. Oh wow Blair,really!?

“I love you,let’s be together” yeah,that didn’t really sound convincing to me. Honestly? If I’d be Chuck,I’d probably reject you too,Queen B. But good thing is that you at least decided to fight for him – and that will take you the entire summer,I suppose – other than that,the whole “Blair makes her final choice” thing was just a complete bs. He didn’t even choose her back! That’s my #WTF moment #1. Let’s move on to #2,shall we?°

My #2 probably is Dan and Serena. Ugh,don’t even get me started on that one.

First of all,I’m sorry to break it down for you my dear E! Online,but they did hook up after all.  Major dissapointment here! Pft.

Second… Was I the only one who kinda felt like in this episode Dan,in general, was completely irrelevant? Come on,Blair didn’t even go to him (OR text him,from that matter! Nothing’s better than a breakup via text,it’s the 21st century after all) when she chose going over to Chuck’s beloved Empire.

3rd – I really liked the divorce-themed party,at least something original happening in this ep! The Derena barstool sex,on the other hand – not so original.

#3 of my #WTF goes to the entire Serena-Blair-Serena-Blair fight thing.

It was simply REEDEEEHCULOUUUS. I confess,I didn’t really follow arround that entire GG diary post thing that carefully but really? Come on,you girls are not 13 anymore. One word (well,two words actually): Grow up!

#4: So,everyone on Tumblr kept posting that Nate and Lola moved in,when actually they didn’t. (thoooose basic Tumblr b!tches!)

Honestly,I was really looking forward to see at least one pairing staying together for the summer but oh well,a girl can dream,right? So,basically what I understood was that Lola just gave away all of her money to Ivy because Lily sabotagged her mother’s defence (Whatever,I don’t know how to say what I mean,but what I really mean is… just watch the Goddamn episode,you’ll get it) and in the same time,kind of stayed together with Nate while actually going away for the summer?! Didn’t anyone enlighten them with that obvious fact that long distance relationships don’t last long? And apparently this time it’ll be no different,as the actress who plays Lola (Ella Rae Peck,I mean) has been cast in some other show,so the odds are she won’t return to GG.

Ughhh. I’m so mad right now,just so mad.

#5: Lily chose BART?

Come on,we all know they won’t stay together for long,especially when the good old business shark Bart is back. Alright,I don’t really want to get into the whole thing but +1 to the GG writers for making the older generation of the show actually relevant in the finale. Well done!

#6: That mini heart attack I got when Bart publically humiliated my dear Chuck.

Shame on you,Basstard! Seriously,I kind of knew there will be something like that because let’s face it,has there ever been a time when Bart has been satisfied/showed his love to Chuck? That’s right,it had never happened before. Blah. But that entire ring trick thing was just…. alksddjfldkhglfjkl. Why is that I can’t really find the right words today? And heeee didn’t eeeveeeen propooooseee! Moving on.

#7: Basically,Serena getting back to her old druggie lifestyle.

We’ve seen that before and while I appreciate the writers returning to the original Serena storyline,I expected something new AND exciting. Mhm.

OH and that Cobra Starship singer dude was totally amazing! In those 15 seconds that he actually was there. And I hope you understand I’m just being sarcastic right now. WHY ON EARTH did they talk for weeks how he’s going to make a cameo,when in reality,it wasn’t more than a minute?! But I guess it’s true, he makes ’em good girls go bad indeed ;)

So,anyways this post probably sucks and you’re now thinking “Why did I waste like 3 minutes reading this?” Well,I don’t know either. Here’s a brand new information for you,amigo: I DIDN”T LIKE THIS EPISODE,so I don’t really know how to properly write down what I’m thinking right now. From my opinion – the worst finale so far,despite the fact Blair did make her choice and all that.

And Dan,turning to the dark side (GEORGINA I mean)…. That’s just awkward,isn’t it?

I was hoping that Chuck and Blair would also get to kiss (or something like that!) by the end of this episode,which they obviously didn’t. So,that dissapointed me,as well. But I do think that they will stay together after all,because it’s just so damn obvious.

So,what did YOU guys think – Was the finale what YOU expected it to be? Are you satisfied with the choice Blair made? What about Serena,do you think the good version of her is gone and she’s officially back to where she started?

Please do leave a comment down there and tell me all of your thoughts about the finale – and yes,you’re allowed to complain,too! – because I honestly would love to hear.

(I’ll probably update this post tomorrow or something when I’ll be thinking more clearly and my dissapointment will start to fade away.)

Untill that…. xoxo,Gossip Girl (who totes looked like a dude in that video Diana sent to Nate.)

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