The TCA 2012 nominees are finally out – have YOU voted yet?

….because I hope you have!

Teen Choice Awards,I guess,is surely the biggest teen event of the summer – that’s the one day of the year when you can fangirl,scream and squirm of excitement all day and nobody would mind.

So,basically I just found out on Tumblr (duhh,where else!?) that this years TCA nominees are finally out and honestly? I can’t wait to get my hands on the voting button – I seriously hope that all of my favourite people have been nominated! (And yes,I’m totes referring to the entire GG cast,nbd.)

I already had a quick look at the nominees and what award they’re up for and have to say – this year’s TCA’s will be hawttt!

Totally have to mention that this May’s biggest 3D hit THE AVENGERS are up for a best Sci-Fi movie nomination,along with Mirror Mirror,Twilight,Wrath of Titans and The Hunger Games;

Many more movies have been nominated for at least one award – such as The Vow,The Lucky One,What to expect when you’re expecting,Drive and so on;

Emma Stone,Lucy Hale,Miley Cyrus,Ed Westwick,Rachel Mcadams,Chris Hemsworth,Zac Efron,Leighton Meester,Taylor Lautner,Vanessa Hudgens and Sarah Michelle Gellar   are also nominated.

So,don’t hesistate voting – – who knows,maybe exactly YOUR  favourite actor,singer or show will get the surfboard! Or whatever they’re giving to the winners. Anyways,good luck to all of the lovely nominants! ;)

Who are YOU going to be voting for? Hit the comments below and let me know – maybe we even share the same interests!

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And have an amazing weekend,loves!



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