A single lady’s sunday night

It’s surely been a while since I last wrote something personal from me – so,here we go!

This is a real life story of a single high school girl’s sunday night,which by the way,isn’t all that bad as I’m going to write. Haha. Got it? Yeah,me neither. So,let’s move on,shall we!?

And how I’m going to tell my tale? In the good old picture way,ofcourse. So,buckle up and let’s get going! (JK,we ain’t really going anywhere. Got it? Haha. Yeah,I know it wasn’t even funny.)

Here’s a little recap of my sunday night’s awesomeness:

So,this is where I’m spending my sunday,people! You jelly? :P

No,not really. but the view is good,though! :D

That’s a pot of hot water,y’all. I’m not big of a cook myself,so sometimes – I’m referring to today only actually – I let myself be a lazy biatch and just make spaghetti with cheese. Because really,nothing can go wrong with spaghetti,right?

Yeah,so that’s spaghetti,drowning in the hot water. I know this post is gonna be so boring but just go with me,okay? And bee-tee-dubz,who else sees the artistic side of this picture!?

lol,candies. They ALWAYS get me! Jammin’ on marshmallows and chocolate while waiting for my spaghetti to be ready to eat – because  if you really need to know,my mama’s not at home so I can be a total badass and eat candy before having a normal meal. LYK A BO$S!

A look from the inside! Groovy,isn’t it? ;)

Oh look who came to visit me,after all! He’s such a sweetie,isn’t he?

Oh,I’m just kidding. This is the real thing… unfortunately.

The most depressing view through my kitchen window. Dude,I just love my neighbourhood.


Anyone else’s in a mood of taking depressive pictures of yourself? :)

A good book is always the answer!

Nooooot entirely,no.

Actually I just pictured it because I thought it’d be kind of cool! Whatevs.

Now,THIS is a better view,don’t you think? :)

And that’s,in fact, a dead flying object in my cup of water. Ew! Grrrross.

TV is a life saver! Even though it’s really ancient and everything. Oh well.

So,as if right now I’m stuck on downloading “She’s Out Of My League  (because obviously,there was nothing good on the TV,as usually) and eating spaghetti with cheese while typing all this with one hand and having the bowl in another! Craazzzzy,right? (Got it? Did you!? I should probably stop being funny because it’s getting a little bit too awkward. Now… got it? ;)

Yup yup,this post made absolutely no sense. But that is what I love about weekends – they don’t make any sense at all! no actually,you know what doesn’t make sense? School doesn’t. It really just sucks. Summer,hurry the f* up,please & thank you!

So,how are YOU guys spending your sunday night – any fun? Don’t hesistate leaving a comment below and tell me all about it! (And I will totally not check my stats every 5 minutes just to see if someone has viewed this post or not. I’M NOT THAT EFFIN LONELY,PEOPLE. I’m really not.)

Till next sunday,I guess!

XOXO,forever alone.


And P.S.- if anyone’s in a similar mood that I am,here’s the perfect song to end this lovely night:



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