Luke Mitchell and Becca Breeds are engaged – OFFICIAL & CONFIRMED! + Other juicy news in there

Did you guys noticed it? Did you!? I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Yeah,that’s right. I was MIA for a while – my greatest apologies! Been extremely   busy running arround the town trying to save my miserable high school life (with that I mean staying up late at nights watching movies and then afterwards writing a test next morning & just hoping for the best).  However,here’s what a little birdy told me this morning:
The aussie starlets Luke Mitchell (H2O: Just Add Water) and his long-term girlfriend actress Rebecca Breeds are now officially engaged!

YAY and congratulations,you two! Ironically,just a few days ago I somehow thought that these two should really go get serious ASAP,I mean they’re just way too cute! So,ofcourse I’m beyond glad for their happiness. YAY! Just yay,you guys. And bee-tee-dubz,I just saw on Tumblr how someone had posted a picture with the caption “Rebecca ‘Effin Gorgeous’ Breeds” and it’s true – she is f*#king gorgeous,indeed!

In others news,The Kardashians are back on TV with  season 7 of their super-duper-crazy reality show,Keeping Up W/ The Kardashians; If you love it or hate it,either way check it out – I’m sure that lots of juicy drama is comming! And let’s face it,everybody loves a sprinkle of celebrity drama. Don’t you? ;)

Chace Crawford,Anna Kendrick,Matt Morrison and many more A-list celebrities are currently in London,UK promoting their latest flick “What to expect when you’re expecting” (which is in theatre’s NOW!) – if you haven’t seen the movie yet,I highly recommend – I saw it myself a few days ago,by the way and trust me when I say,it definately did not dissapoint!

What else? Zanessa is still broken up,Justin Bieber won Billboard’s social artist award just now *le sigh* *how tf did that happen*,Cannes film festival just finished,the Earth is still spinning and I am about to go offline to finally try and finish my damn arts history homework. Cheers!


Chace Crawford,Anna Kendrick,Cameron Diaz and Cheryl Cole hitting up the red carpet of “What To Expect” premiere in London,May 22

IMG source: CCOnline (thankyousomuchforalwaysbeingthebest! Just sayin’)

It’s The Kardashians! You just got to love ’em,dude.

Yeah,remember when this happened?  RIP,true love :'(

Justin Bieber. Don’t even get me started on that one.

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