Check THIS out,Facebook people!

So,I found this video,ironically,on a friend’s Facebook page and can I just say – oh wow,the kids these days surely love to get all weird and crazaaay in front of the camera.

In any way,click & enjoy! And if you’re on Facebook – yes,you damn well know I’m talking to YOU exactly – if you ever unfriend me,I’ll unfriend you right back! When I’ll have you added again & you’ll acept. And then I’ll just click and unfriend you,so you would SEE HOW IT FEELS.
Alright,this didn’t really make much sense. Anyways,enjoy! Happy friday,guys!

P.S. if you’re wondering who this girl is,you might just want to follow her on Twitter –!/allisyn_a_arm,or tune in on Disney Channel to watch her in “So Random”!

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