It’s our one month WordPress anniversary today! How should we celebrate it?!


You know whaaaat? Today’s officially our one month anniversary out here – that’s awesome,isn’t it? I realised it just about an hour ago,so here’s my little speech I’ve prepared just for this occasion (Alright,I haven’t really prepared anything,I’m writing whatever comes into my mind. Sorry sorry sorry!):

Exactly a month ago,I made this blog together with my dear friend Laura,who’s not with us here today (Don’t worry,nothing bad has happened,she’s simply just caught up with her finals,but she’ll return to us very soon,pinky swear!) and I have to say,as if right now I am truly surprised that some people have actually taken their time to read what we got to say,because honestly – I had zero expectations we’d actually succeed (Blame my pessimistic parents for that!).

And sure,it’s not like we’d succeeded that big – but that’s what’s the best about blogging,you always have to take it one step higher,to keep improving and growing! And trust me,from now on we’ll be trying our best (we’re ALWAYS trying our best by the way,but I just thought to mention that we’ll keep on doing that!) to make this blog bigger,better and more interesting for people to stumble upon.

We’ve talked about Gossip Girl,The Kardashians,being forever alone and sightseed my town together – we’ve made history there!!! So,thank you all so much for reading. I mean it,seriously. You’re such sweeties,you guyd!

Alright,enough with the speech (Which wasn’t all that great,was it? Myeeeaaaah),now let’s cut it short: THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER CLICKED ON OUR SITE,EVEN THOUGH WE DON”T KNOW YOU,WE FRIGGIN’ LOVE YOU! KEEP ON CHECKING BACK,BECAUSE WE AIN’T GON’ STOP POSTIN’,YALL!

With all that being said,cheers with our imaginary champaigne glasses – to another month of fun blogging out there! Hope the next month will be just as productive as this one.

Now,let’s all go eat out a box of chocolate and watch a Marilyn Monroe movie today to celebrate this!

And excuse my language (that includes all grammar,spelling and any other mistakes – but who cares actually,you get what I’m saying,don’t you? ;)

Have a joyful weekend!

P.S. I’ve decided to do another fun new thing,starting (hopefully) today – a new text post series called “My Life Through a Gif”! I know the name is kind’a silly but the idea is pretty good,trust me. What it’s all going to be about,you ask? Well…. I guess you’ll just have to check back later today or tomorrow to see my idea in action! ;)

And P.s. to the PS. -the Miley picture in the beggining of this post… She’s not really here to celebrate with us,unfortunately. Yeah alright,I totally just copy-pasted it from Google. Is that legal?!

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